Fajr prayer in a bomb shelter in eastern Saudi during the Gulf War.


Fajr prayer in a bomb shelter in eastern Saudi during the Gulf War.

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How beautiful to find a heart that loves you, without asking you for anything, but to be okay.

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We palestinians teach life, sir.


We palestinians teach life, sir.


#GazaUnderAttack news from the ground (Thursday 17 July 2014, 15:00 BST)

As always, get up to date news from the @LondonPalestine twitter account.

  • 221 Palestinians killed by Israel, of which 179 are civilians [Palestine Centre for Human Rights]
  • Four Palestinian kids were killed playing football on the beach. They were running from an Israeli shell, only to be killed by a second Israeli shell. There was nothing else nearby to have targeted. Given that this happened in front of many international reporters, it got widely covered [Washington Post, Guardian, NY Times]
  • A second sham “ceasefire” was put forward by Israel. The same analysis from yesterday stands – Israel again leaked news of the proposal to pressure Hamas into accepting the terrible deal, and Hamas again rejected the proposal because historically they’ve been a tool used by Israel to suppress Palestinian resistance with the promises of future ‘easing of oppression’ (that often doesn’t materialise). Hamas explicitly criticised the new ceasefire suggestion as equating aggressor and resistance, and put forward ten items that could be worked around for a ceasefire, including an end to the siege of Gaza, and ability for Gazans to pray at Al-Aqsa (basically, that Israel conforms to international law).
  • "NGOs can treat wounded, but can’t open borders or end violence" – a great piece by Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) on the limits of humanitarianism in Gaza, without political action alongside it.
  • "Airstrikes have caused massive damage to water & sewage infrastructure" according to the UN [NBC]. The Red Cross said that soon “hundreds of thousands in Gaza may find that there is no water when they turn on the tap” [Twitter].
  • Another case that exposes how callous Israel’s targeting is was that a civilian car was hit whilst trying to evacuate. Three members of the Abu Daqqa family were killed (Khadra 65, Omar 24, & Ibrahim 10), and 9 more were injured. [@palinoia #1, @palinoia #2@Solarah]. Many are evacuating to schools, but the UN said that 79 schools have been damaged too - nowhere is safe [source].
  • On healthcare: Al-Wafa hospital was again targeted by the Israeli military [source], and the stockroom of Al-Shifa (the biggest hospital in Gaza) is running dangerously empty [source].
  • In the West Bank: the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir was confirmed as a “racist attack” [Middle East Eye]; his cousin Tariq Abu Khdeir was released from house arrest after his brutal beating, and allowed to return to America [Al Akhbar]; six recently released Palestinian prisoners were re-arrested and given life sentences by Israeli courts [Samidoun]; 238 administrative detention (i.e. being held without trial or charge) orders issued by Israel since June 12 [Samidoun]; many more Palestinians were arrested including two Palestinian law-makers [Samidoun]; fields and Palestinian vehicles near Huwwara were set alight by the Israeli army [source]. 
  • Abroad: France banned pro-Palestinian protests in many cities [AP]; it was reported that Chile suspended trade with Israel for its atrocities in Gaza [source] but that has been disputed; UK journalist Jon Snow solidly interrogated Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev [Channel 4 News]. Jon Snow is historically the one UK journalist to stand up to Israeli propaganda

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I don’t miss your voice
and I no longer wish
I was your choice.
I don’t miss your presence
for your disappearance
was a blessing.
I don’t miss the memories
especially when you got
the best of me.
I don’t miss what we had
once upon some time
in the past.

A Story A Day #198 by M.D.L

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When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


faraa—faraway pretty much

Don’t marry someone you think you can make better. Marry someone you think will make you better.

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The stationWhere I told youI love you


The station
Where I told you
I love you

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goodbye grandma 


goodbye grandma 

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Gas bruh. Gas is hella expensive.

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